Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Half Birthday....

Yesterday was Master C's half birthday. 6 whole months have gone buy. I can't beleive it was half a year ago that I was holding my tiny (okay, he was never tiny)small (alright, he was never small either) newborn baby.

Mr Woggie and I had no idea what we were doing, maybe I should speak for myself here I had no idea what I was doing. I remember when he was about 2 hours old and he was crying probably just about being in the world and nothing more sinister the midwife asked me what was wrong with him (like I, a mother for all of 2 hours would know) my response "I think he has wind" I don't even think it's humanly possible for a baby of 2 hours old to have wind. Looking back now I don't think it was wind, I sure as hell know what that's all about these days and it wasn't that!!

Sometimes Mr. Woggie still says to me "What do I do" when Master C is upset and won't settle and I think "How the hell should I know" I have no idea. I just keep trying things to see if they work. My latest is singing in a ridiculously loud voice the lyrics to various Sound of Music songs. I'm certain my next door neighbour is sick of me singing "Doe-a-dear-a-female-dear-rraaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy-a-drop-of-golden-ssuuuuuuunnnnn-Mi-a-name-I-call-my-self-far-a-long...." you get the idea. I think it stuns Master C more than soothes him, but hey whatever works. Right?

Even though he is here with us, I still worry that he will be taken away. When he has been sleeping more than usual I have to go in and give him a little poke to make him move just to reassure myself. Then I see things on the news like a 12 year old going to school and getting stabbed to death, at school where is should be safe and I think what if that happens to us? How do you move on from that. How does your heart heal when you have met the little baby, got to know their personality. It scares me so much.

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  1. I read about the 12 year old! it's scary!!!

    Anyway, happy half birthday! before you know it, he'll be ONE!