Sunday, February 21, 2010

ICLW has kicked off...

It's been a while since I did ICLW the last time I did it was in October 2008! I commented on everyone's blog! I think there are many more blogs to read now so I don't think I'll set my goal too high! As long as I do the mandatory 5 per time with 1 return comment I'll be happy!

For the ICLWers visting me - A little about me.

Got married to Mr. Woggie March 2007 started TTC. Nothing happened. Decided to go on a holiday to Europe in March 2008 that was sure to make me pregnant. Didn't happen.

Went and saw FS in May of 2008, suspected endo. Had lap D&C hysteroscopy and tubal die studies done June 2008. Endo removed. Very bad chocolatey cyst on ovary which burst. Got pregnant August 2008. Miscarried. Got pregnant October 2008. Miscarried. Got pregnant December 2008. Master C born 8 months later.

So although I'm a Mum now I'm still hung up on my infertility and miscarriages. I still hurt when my friends get pregnant right away and then bitch their way through pregnancy. I know pregnancy can suck - I had a pregnancy from hell, but I never once complained and still managed to enjoy it. I'm scared about getting pregnant again - what if I can't, what if I miscarry again - I will I keep it together if any of that stuff happens again?

We are talking about TTC again this year but apart from the fear I have I'm also afraid my body will collapse under me - I have a minor prolapse and I'm so scared that if I have another big baby everything will just fall out.

Righto, that really is enough I don't want to scare any pregnat ladies away.

More about me.

This year I'm trying to read all of the books I've bought or been given and have never read. In total that is 27 books. So far I'm only up to book number 2 so I think it will be an epic fail but I'm going to try.

So far I've read

A Song in the Daylight - Paullina Simmons

and now I'm reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, it's not the easiest read but I've downloaded it onto my iPhone and I'm finding it a lot easier to read, plus I can read it while Master C is feeding.

So, welcome to my blog and to ICLW...see you around the blogging world.

My comments for today are;

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And my return comment.
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Mrs Woggie.


  1. Hello, and welcome back to ICLW! I've been away too, so trying to catch up, is a bit much, but FUN! Sorry for your losses, but congrats on your little one!! Huge hugs on being scrared of pregnancy, I think I get it. And keep reading, you can do it!

  2. I'm glad that you've made it through to the other side and now have Master C! Good luck with your next steps.


  3. Congrats on the baby boy! And I think given your circumstances, fear is a totally normal feeling in terms of going through it all again.

    Take care!